Oracle Test Part-03

  21. Which operator will be evaluated first in the following statement? Select (2+3*4/2-8) from dual: a. + b. – c. / d. * Answer: d. 22. Which of the following SELECT statements should be used to extract the year from the system date to display it in the format “2001”? a. SELECT TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, ‘yyyy’) … Continue Reading →

Oracle Test Part-02

11. What kinds of commands can be entered at the command prompt in 9i SQL Plus? PL/SQL Blocks SQL*PLUS commands Security commands SQL commands Answer: a, b, d. 12. What will happen if the emp table shown below is queried: select enpno,DISTINCT ename,Salary from emp; EMPNO ,unique value of ENAME … Continue Reading →

Oracle Test Part-01

1. Which type of join should be written to perform an outer join of tables A and B that returns all rows from B?a. Any outer joinb. A left outer joinc. A cross joind. A right outer joine. An inner join Answer: d. 2. How many join conditions should be there to avoid a Cartesian Join for … Continue Reading →