Upwork WordPress Test Answer-2016

1. Which of the following functions can be used to create a WordPress page? Answers: a.wp_insert_post() b. wp_insert_page() c. wp_create_post() d. wp_create_page()   2. Which of the following will correctly load localized (translated) text for a WordPress plugin? Answers: a.function custom_theme_setup() { $lang_dir = get_template_directory() . ‘/lang’); load_theme_textdomain(‘tutsplus’, $lang_dir); } … Continue Reading →

WordPress 2.8 Test Answer Part-04

46. How to install a plug-in? Just upload plugin in .zip format. Upload plugin in .zip format and activate it. None of the above.   47. How can author information be displayed on post on a multi-author blog? By enabling the feature in the config file. By enabling the feature … Continue Reading →

WordPress 2.8 Test Answer Part-03

  31: Which of the following methods can be used to eliminate spam? A) Using the “wp-captcha-free” plug-in B) Using the “askimet” plug-in (Answer) C) Using a widget D) None of the above   32: Which of the following needs to be edited in order to creat the function for the shortcode? … Continue Reading →

WordPress Test Answer Part-04

  46. You want to Podcast an mp3 file named ‘abc.mp3’ on your WordPress.org version 2.5.1 site, having URL ‘http://www.xyz.com’, through post. What will be the URL to link the audio file? a)  a. href= “.abc.mp3″>Podcast File   b)  a. href=”.http://www.xyz.com/abc.mp3″>Podcast File c)  a. href=”.http://www.xyz.com/wp-content/uploads/abc.mp3″>Podcast File d)  a. href=”.http://www.xyz.com/wp-content/abc.mp3″>Podcast File … Continue Reading →

WordPress Test Answer Part-03

  31. From which of the following blog sites does WordPress provide the feature to import posts? a)  Blogger b)  LiveJournal c)  Technorati d)  WordPress   32. What is the function of Blog Stats in WordPress.com? a)  It provides the total number of page views of the blog. b)  It provides … Continue Reading →

WordPress Test Answer Part-02

  16. What is Blogroll in WordPress? a.         It is the categorization of blogs according to tags. b.         It is a collection of links to various blogs or news sites. c.         It archives the blogs according to the date of posting. d.         It displays the long … Continue Reading →

WordPress Test Answer Part-01

  1.  What is the difference between include_once and require_once with regard to handling failure? a.         include_once just produces a warning and require_once produces a fatal error b.         include_once produces a fatal error and require_once just produces a warning c.         include_once and require_once cannot handle failure d. … Continue Reading →