06. The Loop

The Loop calls for your blog’s entries. It’s the most important set of PHP codes. By now, you should already know what to do before this lesson, of my tutorial series, begin. Go ahead and do that first, then let’s review what we’ve learned so far.So far, you’ve learned:the rules, structure, and hierarchy of … Continue Reading →

05. Header Template Continues

I shouldn’t have to say it, but I’ll say it one last time; make sure you read the previous lessons. Otherwise, you will not understand one thing in this lesson. We have a quick lesson today to wrap up the header template and introduce the box model. Step 1:– Start Xampp control– … Continue Reading →

04. Header Template

If you haven’t already, follow my WordPress theme tutorial series from the beginning. If you don’t, good luck. Yesterday, I showed you how to turn on Xampp Control, install your theme, and introduced you to PHP. Today, we’ll continue with PHP and learn how to call for your site’s or … Continue Reading →

03. Starting Index.php

Starting Index.php is the third lesson of my WordPress theme tutorial series. If you haven’t read lesson one and two, I’d suggest you read them. Otherwise, you will not have a clue of what I’ll show you in this lesson. It’s time to stop reading and start creating your WordPress Theme. In this lesson, … Continue Reading →

02. Template Files and Templates

Template files and Templates is the second lesson of my WordPress theme tutorial series. If you haven’t read 01.Introduction, stop right now and go read lesson one. Otherwise, you will not understand the terms used in lesson two. Now that we’ve gotten passed the rules and terminology, this lesson will get you … Continue Reading →

01. Introduction

WordPress Installation Introduction is the first lesson of my wordpress tutorial series about creating WordPress themes. I will not teach you everything all at once. That will only confuse you. What I’ll show you is not a reference. It’s meant to teach you step-by-step, level-by-level. If you want a reference to everything … Continue Reading →