CSS 2.0 Test Answer Part-03

31. Which of the following is not a valid list property?






32. Which of the following is not a pseudo class?






33. The font-family property is used to specify a:

a.Family name

b.Generic Family

c.Family name and /or generic Family


34. Read the following Code:
Background: white url(“bar.gif”);
Background-repeat: repeat-y;
Background-position: center;
What will be the output of this code?

a. Image bar.gif will be tiled vertically in the background in the center of the page.

b. Image bar.gif will be tiled horizontally in the background in the center of the page

c. Image bar.gif will be displayed in the center of the page

d. Image bar.gif will be stretched in the center of the page


35. You have defined a p tag style as follows:
color: #ff0000;
font-variant: small-caps
You want the above style to work only on the first line of the paragraph. What modification will you make to the style definition?

a) p:first-only

b) p:first-line

c) p.first-line

d) p:first


36.Your website displays some articles on java programming. The articles contain blocks of java code as well. If you want to leave ‘1 cm’ space above and below the code blocks, you would use:

1. Code{margin:1cm}

2. Code{margin-top:1cm; margin-bottom:1cm}

3. P{margin:1cm}

4. P{margin-top:1cm; margin-bottom:1cm}


37. Which of the following options regarding page media groups is wrong?

a. continuous/paged

b. visual/audio/speech/tactile

c. grid/bitmap

d. dynamic/interactive/static


38.The ‘font-stretch’ property selects a normal, condensed, or extended face from a font family. Which of the following keyword values are incorrect?

a) extra-condensed

b) condensed

c) micro-condensed

d) extra-expanded

e) macro-expanded


39. What is the effect of the following style:
p strong {color: green; }

a) All strong text and all paragraph text will be displayed in green color

b) All paragraphs that are contained within tags will be displayed in green color

c) All strong text that is contained in a paragraph will be displayed in green color

d) Only the paragraph text will be displayed in green color

e) Only the strong text will be displayed in green color

f) The style definition is erroneous and will not be applied to any element of the webpage


40. Read the following statements:
Statement 1:Vertical margins between a floated box and any other box do not collapse.
Statement 2:Margins of absolutely and relatively positioned boxes collapse.
Which of the following is correct?

a) Statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is incorrect (may be)

b) Statement 2 is correct but statement 1 is incorrect

c) Both statements are correct

d) Both statements are incorrect


41.When would you prefer to use the @import technique for applying a style sheet to your web page?

a) When you are creating pages for older versions of Netscape Navigator

b) When you don’t want older browsers like IE4 or Netscape 4 to use the style sheet

c) When you want to include a css file in another css file

d) There is no such technique available for applying style sheets


42.You have the following style definition:
h2, h4, h5, h6
color: cyan;
Which of the following is correct for the above definition?

a) Grouping of tags is not allowed in the style definition

b) The style definition should span a single line

c) Grouping tags should be separated by semicolons

d) You can group as many tags as you like


43. Read the following statements:
@page rotated {size: landscape}
TABLE {page: rotated; page-break-before: right}
What does this code do?

a) It will put all tables on a right-hand side landscape page

b) It will rotate the page if the table is positioned at the right side

c) It will keep the table in landscape position and rotate the page

d) None of the above


44.You defined two styles as follows:
td.right {text-align: right}
td.left {text-align: left}
Which of the following is the right way to use them in an HTML page?

a. Some Text

b. Some Text

c. Some Text

d. Some Text


45. You want to define the same media style for both print and screen media.
Which of the following is the correct structure for the style?

a) @media screen, print { span.med{font-weight:bold} }

b) .media screen, print { span.med{font-weight:bold} }

c) .media screen print { span.med{font-weight:bold} }

d) #media screen, print { span.med{font-weight:bold} }




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