CSS 2.0 Test Answer Part-04

46. You have an article of 100 lines. If for instance, you want to describe the theme with a few lines inside the text highlighted separately as show in the image which of the following property will you use?






47. While displaying some text on a web page you want to increase the spacing between the words and bring the letters within the word closer to each other. Which of the following is the best style definition if you are targeting all the paragraphs?

a. par {letter-spacing: 3px; word-spacing: -5px }

b. par{letter-spacing: -0.8px; word-spacing: 25px }

c. p {l-spacing: 3px; w-spacing: -5px }

d. p {letter-spacing: -0.8px; word-spacing: 25px } 


48. Your webpage contains several unordered lists:
* Item A
* Item B
* Item C
* Item D
* Item E
* Item F
* Item G

The style sheet for these lists is:
ul {list-style-type: disc}
Due to some reason, you now want all the unordered list items to be numbered. What minimum change in your CSS/HTML will do this?

a) Replace all ul with ol in the HTML page

b) Set list-style-type:number in the CSS

c) Set list-style-type:decimal in the CSS

d) Set list-style-type:integer in the CSS


49. Can you define multiple styles for the same HTML element/tag or selector?

a. Yes

b. No


50. Is it possible to force a style definition in a linked style sheet to over-ride an in-line style definition?

a. Yes

b. No


51. You are designing a web site and need to set the background image for all the web pages. You want a small background image to repeat and fill up the whole background. Which of the following body styles is ideal for this?

a. body{ background: url(/images/bg.gif);

repeat: repeat-x }

b. body{ background: url(/images/bg.gif);

repeat: repeat-y }

c. body{ background-image: url(/images/bg.gif);

background -repeat: no-repeat }

d. body { background-image: url(images/bg.gif);background-repeat: repeat}


52. You have to display an image behind an absolutely positioned paragraph text. Which of the following will you use?

a. Set negative z-index for the image

b. Set positive z-index for the image

c. Set negative x-index for the image

d. Set positive x-index for the image


53. You defined a style to left align the text: 

.left {text-align: left}
Select the correct statement:

a. The style can be applied to any element in the HTML page

b. The style can be applied using the ID attribute

c. The style can be applied using the class attribute

d. The style is incomplete without a prefixed element tag name


54. You want to display a list of items on your webpage using the tag, instead of bullets. You want each list element to be marked by roman numbering, which style will you use?

a. list-style
b. list-style-type

c. list-marker

d. list-style-marker

e. list-bullet

f. list-style-bullet


55. You want to display a list of items on your webpage using the tag, instead of bullets. You want each list element to be marked by a small graphic that you have created. Which style could you use? 

a. list-style

d. list-style-marker

c. list-marker

b. list-style-graphic

e. list-bullet

f. list-style-image


56. You developed a website using HTML and style sheets. You defined a style for the H4 tag within the head tag, in the imported style sheet and in-line. Which style definition will be used when the page is seen in a browser?

a. Default browser H4 definition

b. External style sheet definition

c. Inline style definition

d. Style definition in the head tag


57. Which of the following attributes can be used to supersede any of the contradictory styles with equal weight?

a. !supersede

b. !high

c. !important

d. !key


58. Which of the following Statement is correct?

a. When using css, positioning can be absolute, relative or dynamic (not dynamic)

b. The float Property for text/images can be left, right or center (left or right not center)

c. The values of visibility can be true or False

d. The display Property sets how an element is displayed


59. Paged media differ from continuous media in that the content of the document is divided into one or more pages. When you set the dimensions, which of the following will be applied?

a. The dimensions of the page area are the dimensions of the page box minus the margin area

b. The dimensions of the page area are the dimensions of the page box plus the margin area

c. The dimensions of the page area are the dimensions of the page box and margin area does not affect it.

d. None of the above


60. Which of the following does not apply to external styles?

a. Clean separation of design & content

b. Minimal code duplication

c. Highest priority

d. Reduces page download time


61. Which of the following is correct with regard to comments in a style sheet?

a. Comments can appear outside the style definition only

b. Comments start with//

c. Comments end with */

d. Comments are not permitted in a style sheet


62. Which of the following is not true for a style sheet?

a. A style sheet defines how an html element will be displayed

b. Internal and external style sheets cannot be used together

c. Multiple style definitions will cascade into one

d. The same style sheet can be used by many html pages


63. p


a. The style definition should be enclosed in curly braces
b. Multiple items within a style should be separated by “;”
c. The style should not close with a semicolon

d. P should be followed by an equal –to sign




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