HTML/XHTML Test Answer Part-04

61. Which of the following is not an attribute of a meta tag? 

a.  name

b.  content

c.  http-equiv

d.  type

62. Which of the following values is not valid for the align attribute of a heading tag?

Note: The align attribute was deprecated in HTML 4.01. Use styles instead in new coding.

a. right

b. left

c. middle

d. center

63. You do not want the user to resize the frame. The code should be:

a. <.frame src=.”MyPage.html” name=.”Homepage” scrolling=.yes resize=.”false”>

b. <.frame src=.”MyPage.html” name=.”Homepage” scrolling=.yes resize=.”true”>

c. <.frame src=.”MyPage.html” name=.”Homepage” scrolling=.yes noresize=.”true”>

d. <.frame src=.”MyPage.html” name=.”Homepage” scrolling=.yes noresize=”.noresize”>

64. Which of the following items should not be used in the address tag? 

a. physical contact address of the Web site

b. contact email address for the Web site

c. contact signature

d. abbreviations

65.  For allowing the user to select only one radio button from a group of radio buttons: 

a. The name of an input tag must be same for all the radio buttons.

b. The value of an input tag must be same for all the radio buttons.

c. The display text of an input tag must be same for all the radio buttons.

d. All the radio buttons must be added to same group using <.group> tag.

66. Which tag is meant for creating inline frames that display other HTML pages?

a. img

b. frame

c. iframe

d. url

67. Which of the following is not correct for an action attribute for a form tag?

a.The action attribute can be defined at runtime.

b. If the value for action is null (action=””), then the form submits user data to itself.

c. If the URL is not provided to the action attribute, the form will not submit user data anywhere.

d. None of the above 

68. Which attribute(s) of the tag is/are deprecated in HTML 4.01? 

a. align and cellspacing

b. summary

c. bgcolor and align

d. cellspacing

69. Which of the following values is/are valid for the valign attribute of a tag? 

a. base

b. bottomline

c. middle
d. baseline

e. None of the above

70. Which of the following 2 attributes are not associated with textarea tag in W3C standard HTML 4.01?

a. wrap

b. cols

c. name

d. rows

e. ref

71. Which of the following statements is correct for a blockquote?

a. It makes the text a bit bigger for emphasizing.

b. It defines the start of a long quote.

c. It makes the text slightly bolder.

72. You have the following directory structure.

The products directory has a page called Products.html and the delivered directory has a page called Delivered.html. You want to provide a link to the Products page on Delivered.html. The ideal code should be:

a. <.a href=.”././Products.html”.> All Products <./a>

b. <.a href=.”../../Products.html”.> All Products <./a>

c. <.a href=.”…/…/Products.html”.> All Products <./a>

d. <.a href=.”../Products.html”.> All Products <./a>

e. <.a href=.”Products.html”.> All Products<./a>

73. View the following code:

<.frameset cols =. “20%, 20%,*”.>
<.frame src =.”a.html”/.><.frame src =.”b.html” /.><.frame src =.”c.html” /.>
What will be displayed on viewing the above in a browser?

a. An HTML page with three columns of equal width.

b. An HTML page with three rows of equal height.

c. An HTML page with the last column occupying 60% space.

d. An HTML page with the last column occupying 40% space.

74. You are designing a website for one of your clients. You have to use an applet named cal.class to show a scrollable calendar. Which of the following is the recommended way of calling it if you are using HTML 4.01?

a. <.applet code=.”cal” width=.”180″ height=.”180″><./applet>

b. <.img src=.”cal”><./img>

c. <.object classid=.”APPID” id=.”cal” width=.”180″ height=.”180″><./object>

d. <.sub id=.”cal”><./sub>

75. Which of the following is not a valid input type of the form tag? 

a. checkbox

b. image

c. hidden

d. button

e. All are valid

76. Where must the styles specified for a CSS internal style sheet be located? 

a. Inside a table tag

b. Inside a div tag

c. Inside the head tag

d. Anywhere on the webpage

77. Which of the following tags can be used in place of a button tag? 

a. legend

b. ol

c. input

d. dl

78. Which of the following tags would assist in creating named groups within a select list? 

a. opt

b. group

c. optgroup

d. selectgroup

79. Which form event is fired on the click of a button using a button tag with its type attribute value equal to submit? 

a. onload

b. onsubmit

c. onunload

d. onreset

80. Choose the incorrect statement(s): 

a. An HTML attribute is additional information included inside a tag.

b. HTML is case sensitive.

c. All the HTML4.01 tags must be paired.

d. Your browser may appear to correctly use newly deprecated code for the present, but its support for deprecated code could be halted at any time after the browser is updated.




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