WordPress 2.8 Test Answer Part-01

1: A possible way to collect real-time statistics about traffic to a WordPress site is to _________.
a) use a built-in tool
b) use a plug-in (Answer)
c) use a widget
d) None of the above

2:  In order to to display a widget, the user must _____
a) Set he “Show Property” of the desired widget to “true”
b) Drag the desired widget of the side bar (answer)
c) Add the Desired widget to the post
d) Change the source code

3: Image size can be set __________
a) Directly in the post’s
b) in the wp-imageresize plug-in
c) in the admin settings (Answer)
d) a and b

4: Which of the following blog site can be imported into wordpress?
a) Joomla
B) Yahoo Blog
c) Drupal
d) Blogspot
e) All of the above

5: Which of the following methods can be used to display the time in every post?
A) Changing the config file
B) Setting the feature in the admin settings
C) Changing the index.php file (answer)
D) Updating the database

6 : Which of the following methods can be used to make permalinks SEO friendly?
A) Updating the database
B) Changing the source code
C) Configuring the features in the config file
D) Configuring the features in the admin settings (Answer)

7: Where can Google Adsense be integrated into a WordPress blog?
A) Only in the sidebar (Answer)
B) Only in the header
C) Anywhere
d) Only in the content

8: Which of the following are true about Template Tags?
A) The template tag comprises of the three tag (PHP code tag, WordPress function, optional Parameters)
B) A template tag is code that instruct WordPress to do or get somethings (Answer)
C) There are only two types of parameters that are supported by wordpress template tag (String, Boolean)
D) All of the above

9: Which of the following files are mandatory for a WordPress theme?
A) Index.php (Answer)
B) Style.css (Answer)

C) functions.php
D) page.php

10: Contributor may change the timestamp on a post?
A) True
B) False (Answer)

11: “Shortcodes” can be defined in WordPress.
A) True (Ture)
B) False

12: Which of the following statements are true regarding widgets and plug-in in WordPress?
A) Plug-in is a software used to add function to blog (Answer)
B) Widget is an object derived from a plug-in and can be added to the sidebar (Answer)
C) Widgets are alwasy plugins (Answer)
D) All of the above

13: A plug-in must be used in order to allow users to post flash or multimedia files.
A) True (Answer)
B) Flase

14: The “function_exist()” function can be used to check whether a plug-in activated or not?
A) True (Answer)
B) False

15: To manually make the sidebar widget ready, the user must___
A) modify the sidebar.php file (Or this)
B) Enable it in the admin settings (Answer)
C) Change the index.php




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