WordPress 2.8 Test Answer Part-02

16: A theme’s source code must be changed manually in order to customize the admin login page
A) True
B) False (Answer)

17: Which of the following tasks must be performed to add a favicon icon to your site?
A) Upload a favicon icon to your side
B) Add a favicon link to the theme’s header file or update the exising favicon icon link to the new one
C) Change the favicon icon in admin settings
D) The favicon icon can not be changed

18: How can a WordPress blog theme be used to display content in two coloumns?
A) By changing the theme options to two columns in admin settings
B) By changing the layout in the config file (Answer)
C) WordPress theme cannot be customized to display posts in two columns
D) By using two-columns theme (Answer)

19: Which of the following method helps you put HTML code into a post, and get it to format the way you expect?
A) Replacing special characters with corresponding html codes or character codes.
B) Using the ‘code’                                                                                                                                                        c) Using the ‘pre’ tag.
D) None of the above : WordPres auto-replaces special character with substituted characters

20: Which of the following options are true regarding Plug-ins in WorpPress?
A) Plug-ins can be used to eliminate spam (Answer)
B) Plug-ins can be used to integrate a WordPress blog with a forum (Answer)
C) Plug-ins can be used to integrate Twitter with a WordPress blog (Answer)
D) Plug-ins can be used to embed javascript in a WordPress blog
E) All of the above

21: How can a logo be placed on a WordPress header?
A) Manually add the logo to the source code (answer)
B) Upload a new logo in admin settings
C) Update the logo path in the config file

22: Which of the following is a good reason to delete the admin account?
A) Because other users know this admin name (Answer)
B) Because it is not necessary
C) To enhance performance
D) To enhance security (Answer)

23: Which of the following keywords can be defined as “Those useful ‘one-click’ buttons that insert code for you?
A) Quicktags (Answer)
B) Shotcodes
C) Permalinks
D) Excerpts

24: Which of the following methods can be used to add Pagination to a WordPress site?
A) Using a widget
B) Setting the feature in the admin settings
C) Using a plug-in (Answer)
D) Pagination cannot be added to WordPress site

25: Which of the following methods can be used to enable posting via e-mail?
A) Installing the wp-emailpost plug-in
B) Configuring the feature in admin settings (Answer)
C) Using a widget
D) This feature is not available in WordPress

26: Which of the following are true regarding Pages in WordPress?
A) Pages are listed in reverse chronological order
B) Pages can be static
C) Pages can be found in Categories
D) Page are not associated with a date/time like post

27: WordPress  supports all the following:  True or False?
1. Create new posts
2. Edit Posts
3. Schedule post for future publishing

A) True
B) False

28: Which of the following role level has the highest privilege?
A) Level_0
B) Level_10 (Answer)
C) Depends on your settings
D) Every role has the same privilege

29: A possible way to add additional information to a wordpress blog post is to ____
A) Use the wp-addinfor plug-in
B) Use custom fields
C) Use a widget

30: Which of the following actions performed before upgrading WordPress?
A) Back up the site (Answer)
B) Disable plugins (Answer)

C) Enable FTP on the site
D) All of the above




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