WordPress 2.8 Test Answer Part-03


31: Which of the following methods can be used to eliminate spam?
A) Using the “wp-captcha-free” plug-in

B) Using the “askimet” plug-in (Answer)
C) Using a widget

D) None of the above


32: Which of the following needs to be edited in order to creat the function for the shortcode?
A) Index.php

B) functions.php (Answer)

C) post.php

D) page.php


33: Which of the following arguments are accepted in shortcodes handler function while using shortcode API?

A) $atts

B) $Content

C) $code

D) All of the above (Answer)


34: A plug-in must be used in order to allow users to post flash of multimedia files.




35: You want to schedule a backup of your site database but do not have enough permission to access your host. of the following choices can help you perform this task?

a)se phpMyAdmin

b)Install “wp database backup” plug-in(Answer)
c)Use cron job to schedule.

d)Cannot schedule


36: Using ——— is a good way to ensure that a WordPress site is indexed by search engines.

a)a sitemap


c)a widget


37: Which of the following tasks should be performed before installing any widget?a. Verify whether the widget directory is in “write mode”.

b. Verify that plug-ins can be installed on your version of WordPress.

c. Verify that your WordPress theme is widget-ready.

d. None of the above tasks should be performed.


38: Which of the following files must be deleted after installing WordPress?

a. wp-admin/install.php

b. install.php

c. installation.php

d. None of the above


39: A possible way to install WordPress in your language is to ___.

a. Manually install language package or translate as necessary.

b. Enable the desired language in admin settings

c. Neither: WordPress cannot be installed in languages other than English.


40: Which of the following methods can be used to display featured posts?

a. Using a plug-in.

b. Creating your own page.

c. Using a widget.

d. All of the above

41: Once a post is published a WordPress blog , it will always be available for anyone to read.

a. True

b. False


42: Conditional tags can be used to _____

a. get all comments from one post

b. get all posts from one category

c. change the content to be displayed

d. None of the above. conditional tags are not available in wordpress


43: The wordpress loop can be used

a. Retrieving any data in wordpress

b. Displaying each post

c. Only for calculation

d. All of the above


44: The date/time format of a WordPress site can be changed in __________________.

a. the theme’s source code

b. admin settings

c. the database

d. the config file


45: Which of the following is not a valid permalink setting in WordPress?

a. http://example.com/blog/?p=123

b. http://example.com/blog/2010/07/18/sample-post/

c. http://example.com/blog/2010/07/sample-post/

d. http://example.com/blog/archives/123

e. None of the above





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