WordPress 2.8 Test Answer Part-04

46. How to install a plug-in?

  1. Just upload plugin in .zip format.
  2. Upload plugin in .zip format and activate it.
  3. None of the above.


47. How can author information be displayed on post on a multi-author blog?

  1. By enabling the feature in the config file.
  2. By enabling the feature in admin settings.
  3. By changing the theme’s  source code


48.  ________ is a good way to improve the performance of a wordpress blog.

a. Disabling image upload

b. Disable cache

c. Installing the ”wp super cache ” plug-in.


49. Meta tags can be added to wordpress pages by ______

a. using plug-ins

b. adding them to the header.php file

c. updating the database

d. a and b

e. b and c


50. Which of the following features are not supported by WordPress 2.8?

a. A wordpress blog can be used as a Content Management System (CMS)

b. You can manage multiple sites from one wordpress installation.

c. Support for shortlinks.

d. All off the above.


51. One way to get posts from one category is to ____

a. use the query_posts loop in the source code

b. use the query_category loop in the source code

c. Neither of the above


52. In which of the following ways can a user add a dropdown menu to a wordpress site?

a. By changing the config file.

b. By using a plug-in.

c. Dropdown menus cannot be added to WordPress sites.

d. All of the above


53. Which of the following methods can be used to display a static page as the home page?

a.  Using the wp-staticpage plug-in.

b.  Creating a page and then setting it as the home page.

c.  Static pages cannot be displayed in WordPress.


54. Which of the following url is used for wordpress built-in RSS 2.0.feed?

a. .<.?php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); ?.>

b. .<.?php bloginfo(‘atom_url’); ?.>

c. .<.?php bloginfo(‘rdf_url’); ?.>

d. .<.?php bloginfo(‘rss_url’); ?.>




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