WordPress Test Answer Part-01


1.  What is the difference between include_once and require_once with regard to handling failure?

a.         include_once just produces a warning and require_once produces a fatal error

b.         include_once produces a fatal error and require_once just produces a warning

c.         include_once and require_once cannot handle failure

d.         include_once and require_once handle failure in a similar fashion


2. Which of the following features is not available in the basic WordPress.org version 2.5.1 for posts?
a)  Tagging
b)  RSS Feed
c)  Rating
d)  Commenting


3. Refer to the given image

You want to manage the widgets in the blog sidebar the in WordPress.org version 2.5.1. Which tab will you choose to perform the desired operation?

a.         Manage Tab

b.         Design Tab

c.         Settings Tab

d.         Plugins Tab


4. How can you “hook” a new function into the WordPress.org version 2.5.1?
a)  add_action (‘hook_name’, ‘your_function_name’, [priority], [accepted_args]);
b)  add_action (‘your_function_name’,’hook_name’,[priority],[accepted_args]);
c)  New functions can’t be hooked
d)  None of the above

5. Which of the following options are provided in the User Membership settings of the wordpress.org version 2.5.1?

a. Users cannot get themselves registered.
b. Users must get themselves registered and logged in to comment.
c. Anyone can get himself/herself registered.

d. Membership invitations can be sent to other WordPress Users.


6. Which of the following statements is correct with regard to adding the shopping feature in your WordPress.org version 2.5.1 site?
a)  The shopping feature can be added via widget.
b)  The shopping feature can’t be embedded to the site.
c)  WordPress charges to enable the shopping feature.
d)  The shopping feature can be added by plugging-in for shopping.
e)  The shopping feature can be added by adding a theme for shopping.

7. You want to show the number of spam comments that have been caught by the ‘Akismet’? Which of the following code is used to display the statistics in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1?

a)  <.?php akismet_submit_spam_comment (); ?>
b)  <.?php akismet_spam_count (); ?>
c)  <.?php akismet_spam_totals(); ?>
d)  <.?php akismet_counter(); ?>


8. Which of the following User Roles are defined in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1?
a)  Subscriber
b)  Administrator
c)  Editor

d)  Moderator
e)  Contributor


9. Which type of media files can be uploaded to WordPress.com?
a)  .wma
b)  .jpg
c)  .odt
d)  .doc


10. You have created a site using WordPress.org version 2.5.1 and given the blog the title ‘Fitness’. After the creation, you want to change the blog title. What will be the best solution?
a)  The blog title can’t be changed.
b)  Reinstall the WordPress.org.
c)  Use the admin section to change the blog title.
d)  Upgrade the WordPress.org.


11. After the installation of the wordpress.org version 2.5.1, by default, the general membership is __

a.  allowed to general visitors

b. restricted to the first 1000 visitors the rest can be members only if invited by any of the already registered 1000 members

c. closed to general visitors

d. not required for general visitors


12. You want to change the Header Image of the WordPress.org version 2.5.1 theme. Which of the following sections would you go to, in order to perform the desired operation?

a.         Design Section–>Theme Editor

b.         Design Section–>Header Image and Color

c.         Design Section–>Themes

d.         Design Section–>Theme Widgets


13. In the WordPress.org version 2.5.1, a private post  created by the administrator is  also visible to the:
a)  contributor
b)  author of that post
c)  subscriber
d)  editor


14. Which of the following database systems is supported by the WordPress.org version 2.5.1?
a)  Microsoft sql
b)  MySql
c)  Microsoft access
d)  All of the above


15. You want to browse your WordPress.com blog on your mobile or PDA. Which of the following URLs will you use?
a)  mobile.wordpress.com
b)  m.wordpress.com
c)  mobileweb..wordpress.com
d)  mobile.web.wordpress.com
e)  None of these.





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