WordPress Test Answer Part-02


16. What is Blogroll in WordPress?

a.         It is the categorization of blogs according to tags.

b.         It is a collection of links to various blogs or news sites.

c.         It archives the blogs according to the date of posting.

d.         It displays the long blogs  using paging to avoid scrolling.

e.         None of these


17. If you want to upgrade your site http://www.example.com from the older WordPress.org version to a newer one, which URL will have to be used?
a)  http://www.wordpress.org/wp-admin/upgrade.php
b)  http://www.wordpress.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php
c)  http://www.example.com/wp-admin/install.php
d)  http://www.example.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php
e)  http://www.example.com/wp-admin/update.php


18. In the WordPress.org version 2.5.1, image dimensions can be set for the following image sizes:

a.        Thumbnail image size

b.         Medium image size

c.         Original image size

d.         None of these


19. Which of the following constitutes ‘Permalinks’ structures in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1?
a)  Day and name
b)  Month and name
c)  Numeric

d)  Alphanumeric
e)  Custom Structure


20. In the case of a free WordPress.com blog, the number of users that can be invited by a registered user is:
a)  30
b)  35
c)  40
d)  45
e)  Unlimited


21. Under the Admin Manage Section of the WordPress.org version 2.5.1, you can _____.
a)  manage User Roles
b)  manage Topic Categories and Tags
c)  manage Theme Templates
d)  manage Published and Unpublished post


22.  In WordPress, Akismet falls under the category of _____.

a.         Themes

b.         Widgets

c.         Plugins

d.         Permalinks

e.         None of the above


23. What is the purpose of the Meta widget in wordpress?

a.         To show Meta-Tag information about the website

b.         To show the ‘Log In’ and ‘Logout’ menus

c.         To show the ‘Admin’ page link

d.         To handle RSS Feeds


24. How can notices be turned on in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1 index.php page, programmatically?

 a.         define(‘WP_NOTICE’, true);

b.         define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);

c.         define(‘WP_NOTICE’, false);

d.         define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);


25. In the WordPress.org version 2.5.1, the sidebar is used to display _____.
a)  Widgets
b)  Plugins
c)  User Profile
d)  None of these


26. In which file do you specify the database name in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1?
a)  wp-config-sample.php
b)  wp-config.php
c)  wp-index.php
d)  wp-index-sample.php
e)  wp-settings.php


27. In WordPress.com, configurable number of random links are shown using __

a. Pages Widget
b. Meta Widget
c. Blogroll Widget
d. Flickr Widget


28. State whether the following statement is True or False.
Filter functions can’t be created programmatically in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1.

a. True
b. False


29. Suppose you have a WordPress.com blog named ‘http://your-username.wordpress.com’ and you want to know its RSS feeds details. Which of the following URLs will you use to get details?
a)  http://your-username.wordpress.com/rssfeed
b)  http://your-username.wordpress.com/RSS
c)  http://your-username.wordpress.com/feed
d)  http://your-username.wordpress.com/RSSfeeds


30. Which of the following statements are correct with reference to the Permalinks Structure?
a)  Structure of Permalinks can be changed by using the admin section.
b)  Structure of Permalinks can’t be changed.
c)  Structure of Permalinks can be changed programmatically.
d)  Structure of Permalinks can’t be changed programmatically.




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