WordPress Test Answer Part-03


31. From which of the following blog sites does WordPress provide the feature to import posts?
a)  Blogger
b)  LiveJournal
c)  Technorati
d)  WordPress


32. What is the function of Blog Stats in WordPress.com?
a)  It provides the total number of page views of the blog.
b)  It provides the list of the links (referral URLs) from which the people have visited your blog.
c)  It provides the list of posts which have received the most traffic.
d)  It provides the ranking of the posts in terms of page views.

33. What are OpenIDs in the case of WordPress.com?

a.         These are free ID’s given by WordPress as open invitations.

b.         These are IDs given for free login to WordPress.

c.         These are registered users blog names which can be used to login to different sites.

d.         None of these


34. You have forgotten your admin password for the WordPress.org version 2.5.1. Which of the following methods can be used to recover/reset the password?
a)  By using the Lost password link on the login page
b)  By using the MySQL Command Line
c)  By entering the WordPress API key
d)  By using the emergency password reset script
e)  By editing the wp-config.php file



35. In WordPress, you can also set the publication date of the post to:

a)  A future date

b)  A past date

c)  Both a and b

d)  You cannot change the publication date


36. You want to arrange your posts in the alphabetical order in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1. Which one of the following statements can fulfill the condition?

a.         Posts can’t be arranged alphabetically as they are in the chronological order

b.         In the admin section, you can change the setting of the order of the posts

c.         By coding in the category.php page, you can arrange the posts alphabetically

d.         By adding Plug-in, you can arrange the posts alphabetically

e.         By editing style.css, you can arrange the posts alphabetically


37. In which file do you specify the database name in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1?

a.         wp-config-sample.php

b.         wp-config.php

c.         wp-index.php

d.         wp-index-sample.php

e.         wp-settings.php


38. In WordPress.com, you can add third party plugins to your blog.

a. True

b. False


39. In WordPress (version 2.5.1), what can be the default status of a Post?

a.         accepted

b.         published

c.         unpublished

d.         discarded

e.         scheduled


40. Under the online version of WordPress.com, it is possible for the general users to show ads like Adsense, Yahoo Search Marketing, Chitika, TextLinkAds etc.

a. True
b. False


41. What is Domain Mapping in the case of WordPress.com?
a)  It is a method by which you can increase the domain reach of your free WordPress.com blog by a paid upgrade.
b)  It is a method by which you can apply Domain Maps of your WordPress blog by a paid upgrade.
c)  It is a method by which you can replace the ‘WordPress.com’ name with your own domain name via paid upgrade.
d)  None of these



42. What is the amount of free space available in a free WordPress.com blog, for storing uploaded files and images?

a)  2000 Megabytes

b)  3000 Megabytes

c)  1000 Megabytes

d)  Unlimited storage


43. What kind of information do cookies store in WordPress?
a)  Information about the logged in user
b)  Information about Comments
c)  Information about New Posts
d)  Information about Pages visited recently



44. In the WordPress.org version 2.5.1, you can _____.

a)  add third party ‘widgets’
b)  add third party ‘plugins’
c)  import Posts from different blog websites
d)  export Posts to different WordPress blogs,


45. What is the default path for the theme files in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1 deployment kit?

a)  ./wp_content/themes
b)  ./themes
c)  ./wordpress/themes
d)  ./wp-content/themes





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